Character Creation

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Characters will be created as Mortals as per the World of Darkness rulebook with the God Machine Chronicles rules updates and the the following changes:

  1. 15 Attribute dots (open assignment)
  2. 26 Skill dots (open assignment), 1 dot required in Politics.
  3. Occult replaced with Travel, See Skills
  4. 3 Skill Specialties + Politics (Espionage) + Bonus Specialties
  5. Change to Skill Specialities
  6. 10 Merit dots
  7. Change to Contacts
  8. Add a Nature Archetype and a Demeanor Archetype (see Archetypes )
  9. Modified Humanity Track, Begins at 6
  10. Add Conviction (Power Trait), Begins at 1. May reduce Humanity by one point to gain one point of Conviction.
  11. Choose Former Employer (see below)

You must choose one former employer, as Field Projects Division only recruits from the best agencies in the world. Each organization has specialized training based on their expertise. You gain each of the 3 Skill Specialties listed under your former employer, each starting at 1 dot.

Select Your Former Employer:

BND – Germany

  • Mental: Medicine (Narcotics)
  • Social: Persuasion (Negotiation)
  • Physical: Stealth (Crowd)

  • Mental: Computers (Cyberwarfare)
  • Social: Intimidation (Torture)
  • Physical: Drive (Remote Operation)

    DGSE – France
  • Mental: Politics (Disinformation)
  • Social: Streetwise (Undercover Operations)
  • Physical: Larceny (Security Systems)

    FSB – Russia
  • Mental: Investigation (Missing Persons)
  • Social: Intimidation (Psychological)
  • Physical: Survival (Tracking)

    SIS – UK
  • Mental: Investigation (Electronic Surveillance)
  • Social: Subterfuge (Propaganda)
  • Physical: Brawl (Subdual)

    Mossad – Israel
  • Mental: Craft (Demolitions)
  • Social: Subterfuge (Disguise)
  • Physical: Stealth (Shadowing)

    ISI – Pakistan
  • Mental: Academics (Nuclear Science)
  • Social: Streetwise (Rumors)
  • Physical: Larceny (Money Laundering)

    MSS – China
  • Mental: Computers (Data Search)
  • Social: Empathy (Dissent)
  • Physical: Larceny (Concealment)

    RAW – India
  • Mental: Academics (Research)
  • Social: Socialize (Etiquette)
  • Physical: Stealth (Moving in Darkness)


Two free two-dot Contacts to be used how you want.

Two free dots in any Language.
Three free dots in Language (English) if English is not your PC’s native language.

One free dot in Status (Intelligence).

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Character Creation

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